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Episode 40: Comic Writer Eric Trautmann


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This week features Bry on location at the best comic shop in the NW, Gabi’s Olympic Cards & Comics, to interview comic writer Eric Trautmann, best known as, in his own words, “the guy who put pants on Vampirella.”

Eric has a new Image book, The Forged, that he co-wrote with Greg Rucka, and drawn by Mike Henderson. Taking place in the 11th century, The Forged follows a bad ass group of super soldiers kicking ass and taking names in a fun, over the top, intergalactic epic. Coming out March 15th, make sure to head to your local comic shop and pick it up!

When he’s not writing comics, you can find Eric at the BEST comic shop in the Northwest, Gabi’s Olympic Cards & Comics, which is owned and opperated by Eric’s wife, Gabi. Not only is it the best comic shop, on March 15th, the day “The Forged” drops on newsstands, Eric and the creative team will be in house signing from 1PM - 6PM.

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