Mar 14, 2022 • 1HR 46M

#18: Aaron McConnell & Steven White

Creative team of "Ancient Futures"

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A strange and cryptic creature... whose call of stories and reflections echoing out into the vast wilderness of comics and pop culture...
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Ride the tiger through the independent, Afropunk, sci-fi expanse of “Ancient Futures.”

With the Kickstarter in the final days of it’s journey, the Revenge crew sat down with the creative team behind this new comic series, writer Steven White and artist Aaron McConnell.

Ancient Futures

In this, tiger-milk thick, 40 page first issue, White plugs the reader into the occupied timeline of Valentino Cruz and the symphony of events that will dictate his universal trajectory.

McConnell, coming off his massively successful graphic novel, The Comic Book Story of Beer,” brings the surreal thunder with his cosmic-tripping multi-medium storytelling.

Time is short so make your pledge now if you wanna sink your tiger claws into the sweet book meat of “ANCIENT FUTURES.”

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